Pineapple Field in Bagua Mountain
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Golden Treasure Growth Diary
Location for the Hunt:
It is situated in Shanjiao Road, Yuanlin Township, at the hill side of Bagua Mountain, 15 minutes away from our school by car.
Goal for the Hunt:
The golden treasures that grow in Bagua Mountain
A brief introduction of the Landowner: He used to own a birds feed shop, but it happened that his family had a piece of land that was suitable for planting pineapples and his family and relative loved eating pineapples, that was how he started with pineapple planting.
Golden Treasure Growth Diary
Planting Predicaments, Pests, and Disease
  From April to September, mealy bugs and ants are the main infection carriers; from January to December, nematodes are; from December to March, it is the time for moles to come fetch food.
In summer, pineapples will lose water which leads to sunburn, and thus, they have to be wrapped by leaves, but they don’t have to do that in autumn and winter.
  Everyone was so excited when we walked in the pineapple field and saw clusters of pineapples. Harvesting pineapples was the most interesting part. We had harvested around 8 of them, and the auntie gave us two to foretaste, but when we looked around to find a lot of pineapples waiting to be harvested, we came to think that it was really a hard work for farmers.
  The auntie had also mentioned that the pineapples that we ate were all starting from pineapple flowers and after a year of careful tending on, they became pineapples we now saw. After our field observation, we realized that planting pineapples was not an easy task. It required a huge knowledge on it. What a productive afternoon!