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1.Process of making socks
2.Procedure & Marketing
  Hosiery made in Taiwan is mostly exported to the U.S., secondly Europe, followed by South America and the Middle East. The hosiery is also sold to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Paraguay, Panama, Singapore and Malaysia. As for pantyhose, it is not only popular in Taiwan but also exported to Japan, America and Europe. Now it even expands to mainland China.
  Sale spots in Taiwan: physical shops and online shops, or sections in supermarkets via wholesale.
3.Know more about Socks
  There are many steps to go through in making a pair of socks, including design, sampling, knitting and sewing, dye, boarding, packaging, and selling. These steps are complicated enough but the manufacturers in Shetou never gave in. Instead, they kept trying and developing new techniques and products, which finally led Shetou to the Home of Socks.
Sources of the photos: LOHO Sock Factory, HSIAOTEX ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.