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Episode I. Golden Treasures in Bagua Mountain: Pineapples Planted in Shetou Township
It is a gritty-soiled hillside in Hexagrams Mountain, Shetou town, where sunshine is ample.
Taiwan Local Pineapple, also called Hillfoot Pineapples (山腳鳳梨), is grown in Shanjiao Road, Shetou town. Its season lasts from June to November. It tastes juicy, sweet and sour, and it gives out a pleasant aroma.
Nutritional and Economic Values
With microfibers, high water content, carbohydrate, protein, fat, fiber, high amount of vitamin C, and vitamin B1, Hillfoot Pineapple is ingredient to pineapple cakes, pineapple jam, dried pineapples, and so on.
Episode II. Vigorous Green Pearl: Pearl Guava (珍珠芭樂)
It is a guava garden beside our school—Lun-Ya Elementary School (崙雅國小)
Pear shape, yellowish white flesh, and tender texture, Pearl Guavas taste the sweetest among all the other kinds of guavas. It grows all year round, but its quality is best in winter.
Nutritional and Economic Values
Because guava contains eight times more vitamin C than tangerine, it is great for health. An intake of guava helps to maintain beauty, aids with nerve conduction, and dissipates sorrow. It is suitable for making jam, dried fruits, and juice.
Episode III. LOHO Footwear
The LOHO Sock Tourist Factory (樂活觀光襪廠) is ten minute walk away from our school. It is the very first socks tourist factory. It combines both educational and recreational functions, presenting to the guests from different places a complete development of footwear in Shetou town.
From the tour of the tourist factory, students will get to know the footwear history in Shetou Township, how they are made, what they are made of and also what their functions are. They can learn a lot about socks.