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1.Historical Humanism:
  When you look at the name—Shetou, you are actually looking at Taiwan’s history development. Four hundred years ago, the southeast plain in Zhanghua County, which is in the middle part of Taiwan, was called Da Wu District (大武郡社). It was an aborigine tribe that was from Austronesian. In late Ming and early Qing dynasty, the Han people came and reclaimed Taiwan. They called the aborigine tribes Districts (社), and Shetou (社頭) represented the residence of the head of the tribe.
2.Natural Environment:
  Zhanghua County has many plains and a mountain to the east, which conditions agricultural development, making it the biggest agricultural base in middle Taiwan. Shetou town is southeast of Zhanghua County, situated west to Bagua Mountain, intersecting Zhanghua plain. Except for the eastern part within Zhanghua County being foothills, Zhanghua County is covered with plains.
3. Industry Conditions:
 【Agriculture Development】
  Situated west to Bagua Mountain, intersecting Zhanghua plain, Shetou town possesses plains, a mountain range, and many waterways, forming a complete growing area and yield plenty of agricultural products. Among them, those that are planted on the plains are mainly rice, vegetables, guavas, giving the town the title – Kingdom of Guavas. As the name suggests, Shetou town is the heartland of Taiwan in terms of growing guavas. In the mountain area, the fruits that are mainly planted are longans, litchis, pineapples, and mangos. They are also favored by the general public.
 【Industry Development】
  Shetou town footwear industry is considered a legend in Taiwan’s industry development. Ever since World War II, the first sock factory Sheng Li (勝利) Hosiery Corporation was established. Up to 1970, seventy percent of footwear on the market in Taiwan was produced in Shetou town. The total value of production in 2012 reached six thousand millions NTD, Shetou town earned the title –Kingdom of Footwear. In recent years, the notion of creative design, develop enhancement, quality boost and higher price had made their way into footwear industry. At the end, the factories even underwent a transformation and became tourist factories.
 【Leisure and Tourism Industry】
  Recently, sock tourist factories or sock museums are established one after another. From the perspective of promoting local products, they are hoping to build the environment to pass down the footwear industry.